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How to string and hang dry jalapeno peppers

Are you wondering how to use extra jalapeno peppers or how to make your own crushed red pepper flakes? This summer I grew 6 plants of jalapeno peppers and 6 anaheim peppers so even after making all my salsa, apricot jalapeno jelly and enchilada sauce, I still had about a gazillion peppers I needed to find a way to preserve. You can cut them up and dehydrate your peppers (see my post about dehydrating bell peppers). But I was already using my dehydrator on some eggplants so I decided to do it the old fashioned way.

All you need is a needle and some strong thread. Wash all your peppers first, then after you thread your needle, tie a knot at the bottom of your thread tail which will act as an anchor for the rest of your peppers. Grab your 2nd pepper and poke the needle not through just the stem or it will break when it dries. You need to poke it through the green base just under stem so you have a thick, solid foundation. Now pull the needle and slide the pepper all the way down to the …

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